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Why Steins;Gate is about me

I have come to the conclusion that someone at nitro+ must know me somehow, because the Steins;Gate characters of Okabe Rintarou and Hashida Itaru seem to be based on different aspects of my personality. Not only that, but there are also central plot elements, and some supporting character traits that seem to come from my life as well. I joked about it when I started watching the show, but now that I’ve catalogued the coincidences, it’s pretty disturbing.

Here are some supporting facts:

  • I have a labcoat.
  • I (used to) drink almost nothing but soda, and acted like it fuels my brain.
  • I hardly ever sleep on a proper ‘bed’.
  • I have an affinity for weird old tech like Nixie tubes.
  • I have a full electronics lab, workshop, and rather extensive computer ‘battlestation’.
  • I like to invent things of questionable practical value.
  • I have my own weird naming conventions for my creations and projects complete with random esoteric elements like totally unnecessary numbering schemes.
  • I am an exceedingly eccentric genius who plays at being a villain.
  • I have a pseudonym that I go by.
  • I have countless strange mannerisms including catchphrases and a tendency to act with a certain theatricality.
  • I am probably legitimately crazy.
  • When I was younger, back in the infancy of dial-up internet access, I was a SUPAA HAKAA.
  • I am an incredibly awkward nerd and shut-in, almost solely involved in my own little world.
  • I have an attractive female friend whom I’ve known basically forever who means the world (And then some) to me, and whom I would probably destroy the space-time continuum for if necessary.
  • Said female friend has an off-beat personality, and sometimes refers to herself in the third person using a corruption of her name.
  • Over the course of 2008-2010 I made all sorts of jokes about how CERN was trying to destroy the world and/or enslave humanity.
  • In the summer of 2010 (When Steins;Gate takes place) I modified an Infrawave oven for ‘the purposes of science’. But never tested it. At the time, I was– and currently still am –living in an apartment over a shop, the owner of which is my landlord.
  • Let us not forget the clock I designed.  It may not be able to track divergence in the timeline (yet), but apparently it’s amazing enough that there’s Chinese knockoffs of it out there.
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