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Non-Specific Fuckery

There’s this thing I do, I like to call it ‘Non-Specific Fuckery’, it’s where I launch into a full-throated, verbose, erudite, curb stomp of a rant…but actually couldn’t give half a rat’s ass.  Not that I make it up or anything, it’s almost always an accurate portrayal of my opinions, just with the volume and fluster turned up to 11.  Instead of saying “No, that’s stupid.” when someone says something I disagree with, I launch into a vicious rant/argument that goes on for an hour and in the end is sometimes, based on the aftermath, impossible to discern from the wrath of god.  It’s fun as all hell, and cathartic.  Entertaining, too; It’s practically goddamned internet theatre.

It has its drawbacks, however; more and more lately, people are saying I’m being ‘successfully trolled’ into arguing.  In reality, as much zeal and mock anger as I put into it, I’m really just fucking around.  It’s a spectator sport, too.  I’ve built my reputation as a foremost internet bastard, fucker, and all-around son-of-a-bitch  as much on ‘Non-Specific Fuckery’ as I have on actual arguments, debate, fuckery, and shenanigans.  It’s my daily keyboard calisthenics.  How the fuck do you think I don’t have carpal tunnel after 15 years of IRC?

I’m not being trolled.  I’m being ornery.


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