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Back In The Saddle

Wow, it feels kind of weird to actually be actively working on the site again.  But it also feels damn good to have gotten over that hurdle and gotten the new site up.

So, I’m going to take a minute to talk about the new layout.  For starters, it’s using wordpress, so it will always be up-to-date and not broken.  It’s also pretty nice, don’t you agree?  I’m not done customizing the theme though.

The new look… Originally, this theme had a facility to randomly choose a set of images for the header.  I’m co-opting and drastically modifying that code.  I’m really rather excited about it.  First, I’m including the site logo in the randomization.  Second, instead of having a single random number that picks a set of 4 images, I’m going to have it do a random number for each slot.   On top of that, I want to add context sensitivity.  So if you’re looking at an index of posts under a particular tag, it will choose the header images from a pool of related images only.  Right now, I only have the images and logo you see uploaded, but I’m working on more.

Now onto categories and tags… I’m terrible at organizing things like this, because I try to come up with categories for every possible situation…but that’s ridiculous.  Instead, the categories will be things like ‘articles’, ‘blogs’, ‘galleries’, and ‘features’.  All of which represent a particular type of content.  (Which I will explain in a later post.) And then the tags will describe the subject matter:  ‘Games’, ‘anime’, ‘art’, ‘computers’, ‘electronics’, and so on.  As well as provide additional descriptors such as: ‘rant’, ‘review’, ‘editorial’, ‘life of baka’, ‘IRC’, ‘site news’, and others.

About the old site… Well, at the moment, it’s still accessible at and, but will probably later be moved to an archive subdomain with a redirector, and the theme will be changed to clearly indicate the deprecated status of the site, and provide a link to the new one.  But eventually all the substantive posts will be reposted on this blog, with the original timestamps intact.

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