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Twitter functionality test

This is just a quick test of the new-post-tweeting and stuff.  Hope it works!  Aaaand… It does!

Now to test tweet-embedding.

Blackbird Pie:


New Post: Twitter functionality test



Okay, so one puked entirely, and one needs some styling.

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Station Identification 3/9/11

Hey everybody, Bakamoichigei here, overlord of the Giant Pachinko Machine of Doom.

We’re coming up on something important in the following days and to celebrate, I’ve got some stuff in the works.  For starters, I’ve been photographing my rather extensive collection of rare Range Murata doujins and related items, and hope to make a permanent ‘rm/PSE Museum’ page here on the GPMoD.  Work is also continuing on creating more header images for the random image system, as well as some additional tweaks to the site theme.

There’s also a couple quick articles I have nearly ready, and a big post or two from the old blog that I want to port over.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

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Back In The Saddle

Wow, it feels kind of weird to actually be actively working on the site again.  But it also feels damn good to have gotten over that hurdle and gotten the new site up.

So, I’m going to take a minute to talk about the new layout.  For starters, it’s using wordpress, so it will always be up-to-date and not broken.  It’s also pretty nice, don’t you agree?  I’m not done customizing the theme though.

The new look… Originally, this theme had a facility to randomly choose a set of images for the header.  I’m co-opting and drastically modifying that code.  I’m really rather excited about it.  First, I’m including the site logo in the randomization.  Second, instead of having a single random number that picks a set of 4 images, I’m going to have it do a random number for each slot.   On top of that, I want to add context sensitivity.  So if you’re looking at an index of posts under a particular tag, it will choose the header images from a pool of related images only.  Right now, I only have the images and logo you see uploaded, but I’m working on more.

Now onto categories and tags… I’m terrible at organizing things like this, because I try to come up with categories for every possible situation…but that’s ridiculous.  Instead, the categories will be things like ‘articles’, ‘blogs’, ‘galleries’, and ‘features’.  All of which represent a particular type of content.  (Which I will explain in a later post.) And then the tags will describe the subject matter:  ‘Games’, ‘anime’, ‘art’, ‘computers’, ‘electronics’, and so on.  As well as provide additional descriptors such as: ‘rant’, ‘review’, ‘editorial’, ‘life of baka’, ‘IRC’, ‘site news’, and others.

About the old site… Well, at the moment, it’s still accessible at and, but will probably later be moved to an archive subdomain with a redirector, and the theme will be changed to clearly indicate the deprecated status of the site, and provide a link to the new one.  But eventually all the substantive posts will be reposted on this blog, with the original timestamps intact.

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New And Improved!

Welcome to the New And Improved, now with 37% more awesome and 14% more wtf, Giant Pachinko Machine of Doom!

But don’t take my word for it! We have user testimonials!

<@iDuckie> its 51% more better!

Anyway, I’m going to start porting over the old posts as I can, so be patient!

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Archived: Lots of stuff going on, I’m not dead!

Okay, so, first of all, this site is getting replaced by a new WordPress blog when I have the opportunity, and the posts will be restored with the original timestamps and everything.

Secondly, the care and feeding of my arcade cabinet has been very fulfilling so far, both for me, and for the cabinet’s coin box.

I’m launching the first of several arcade-related projects, all of which will eventually be found at a new site I made to keep it separate.

Remember the clock design I modeled? I finally got one to call my own out of the small batch Jason von Nieda built.

I must say, it’s absolutely exquisite. 😀

Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3Pic 4VFD Detail

He’s also auctioning off the only one he didn’t make for any particular person. Complete with really nifty laser-cut wood box. 😀

Trust me, it’s worth it.

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Archived: Quantum Terrorism

What it is I could have possibly said to elicit this, I do not know. Perhaps Swift knows me too well, but a question was posed that led to all manner of hilarity.

[12.28/12.41.24] <+Swift> What manner of dastardly plan are you concocting, you?
[12.28/12.41.36] <@Baka-chan> Who? Me?
[12.28/12.41.37] <@Baka-chan> :3
[12.28/12.41.43] <+Swift> Yes.
[12.28/12.41.44] <@Baka-chan> I concoct no plans.
[12.28/12.42.10] <@Baka-chan> We all know that my acts of global terrorism are wholly spontaneous.
[12.28/12.42.26] <+Swift> lol

And now for the inevitable, random, and yet somehow totally epic interruption by Shin_Getter… (With spelling corrections for those who can’t translate shinglish.)

[12.28/12.50.19] <Shin_Getter> the truth is Baka-chan resides in an indeterminate state of terrorism at all times, in which all possible terrorist acts coexist simultaneously, and mere mortals are only capable of witnessing one possible result of Baka’s rampage as their feeble powers of observation can only observe one possible superposition of the outcome

This resulted in Swift scribbling a quick and hilarious 4koma. Now all we need is an audio clip of what Shin wrote in a Hawking-esque synth voice.

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Archived: Err, wow.

So, on Atheist-kids-get-presents-day Eve, I got an e-mail from someone named Jason von Nieda saying that he really loved the design I had for my vacuum tube clock, and that he used it as inspiration to machine a similar enclosure of his own. He included pictures of the finished device. I know a bit about obsessing over things you think are cool and working your ass off to imitate them, so I can sympathize. And the end result is really great. (The inner workings are as nice as the enclosure, too.)

I have to admit that, while really flattered that someone would like my design so much, I’m also kinda embarrassed and more than a little pissed at myself for having spent all this time struggling to make even one. Especially given how much attention it seems to be getting… (Of course, I already had some idea about that, since everyone I showed the design to thought it was incredibly cool.)

Now, don’t get me wrong, internet. It’s all good, so put all your sharp-pointy things away. Jason was very up-front on the matter and made sure I was cool with him using the design, and he did a smashing good job of making it, too! (Especially considering he was working from a single rendering I had posted.) It’s still just a bit shocking to say the least. 🙂

Anyway, here’s the original conceptual rendering I did.

Here’s the flickr photoset he posted of the finished clock and various prototype PCBs.

Here’s the post on his blog about it.

Here’s the post about it on Hack-A-Day with an insanely great post title.

Here’s the source of the Hack-A-Day post, an article on MAKE.

I guess I’d better get my ass in gear then, eh? I sure have enough tubes.

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