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Classic Fuckery

I was going through some old chat logs from November 2008 when I found this little gem… <@Bakamoichigei> Real men play 2d fighters on the NEO-GEO! ;o <ogopogo> i OWN a fucking neo-geo <ogopogo> let’s see you do as much :3 <@Bakamoichigei> I own TWELVE. <@Bakamoichigei> You just got served. <ogopogo> riiight? <@Bakamoichigei> <@Bakamoichigei> […]

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Baka and IRC; Equal Measures Villainy and Comedy

I have been known to make sport of people on IRC, it’s one of my pastimes.  But usually someone has to catch my attention to be targeted. Let’s talk about one of my pet peeves: Away messages and notifications.  Seriously.  It makes sense if you’re a channel regular, or staff, or really anyone people give […]

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Quantum Terrorism

What it is I could have possibly said to elicit this, I do not know. Perhaps Swift knows me too well, but a question was posed that led to all manner of hilarity. [12.28/12.41.24] <+Swift> What manner of dastardly plan are you concocting, you? [12.28/12.41.36] <@Bakamoichigei> Who? Me? [12.28/12.41.37] <@Bakamoichigei> :3 [12.28/12.41.43] <+Swift> Yes. [12.28/12.41.44] […]

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