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It’s your birthday, yet it’s me who feels older.

So, the original ‘Giant Pachinko Machine of Doom’ blog went online on this day in 2004. That would make the GPMoD 18 years old today. Holy shit. What? How? I don’t even. I don’t really have anything to say right now, but the site will be making a comeback in the near future. COUNT ON […]

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It’s been a while…

I haven’t been posting much content here lately, and I hope to change that…of course I have trouble enough keeping up with content for MAKE COOL THINGS, so how that’ll go is anybody’s guess. That isn’t exactly what I’m here to talk about though, on this, the 16th anniversary of the founding of the GPMoD. […]

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Classic Fuckery

I was going through some old chat logs from November 2008 when I found this little gem… <@Bakamoichigei> Real men play 2d fighters on the NEO-GEO! ;o <ogopogo> i OWN a fucking neo-geo <ogopogo> let’s see you do as much :3 <@Bakamoichigei> I own TWELVE. <@Bakamoichigei> You just got served. <ogopogo> riiight? <@Bakamoichigei> <@Bakamoichigei> […]

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New Vectors! – METAL SLUG

Decided it was finally time to put my Metal Slug games in Shockboxes, so I was going to need the logos! What can I say?  I’m very good at this.

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Baka and IRC; Equal Measures Villainy and Comedy

I have been known to make sport of people on IRC, it’s one of my pastimes.  But usually someone has to catch my attention to be targeted. Let’s talk about one of my pet peeves: Away messages and notifications.  Seriously.  It makes sense if you’re a channel regular, or staff, or really anyone people give […]

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Steve Jobs – So Long, And Thanks for All The Macs.

My first computer was an Apple II, my first modern ‘Personal Computer’ was a Macintosh 512k. I was a Mac before it was hip. I was a Mac before there was a PC.  (I was a Mac before many of you were BORN.) I went over to PCs around the time Windows 95 came out, […]

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A New Challenger Appears!

Once again, a comic has spawned from my crazy head and Swift‘s pen. Just some quick background since this is like half a dozen inside jokes crammed together into a superdense lolularity…  EvilLinkz is obsessed with some girl on NicoNicoLive we refer to as ‘the webcam goddess’.  The geese thing comes from Liru, who attends […]

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Some Kind of Future Space World…

It feels good when technology just works.  Back in February, I bought a real goddamn RAID card, five 2TB hard drives, and a tray-less 3-to-5 SATA2 hot swap bay enclosure. Then, last week, my RAID card made a horrible shrieking alarm sound that made me think the apartment was on fire.  Turned out it was […]

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Adobe Illustrator Madman

I was looking through my directory of miscellaneous Illustrator files, a lot of which are cool logos and stuff I’ve done, and it occurred to me I haven’t shown off a lot of this awesomeness.  So I decided to show off a bunch of the logos I vectored for my arcade games. Click a thumbnail […]

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Buy this RPG, Help Japan!

I know most of us have enough financial problems as it is without thinking about donating towards Japan earthquake relief, but someone sent me a link to this yesterday.  You can buy something that might give you a few laughs, and still help Japan! You can buy the PDF version of the book for $7 and […]

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